Wednesday, 15 June 2016

I forgot to tell you!

  My class did the break out challenge. Its where we have 30 minutes to break 6 locks that the clues to where they are in the class. we did it in 10 minutes 2nd did it in 23 minutes 3rd was at the buzzer and the rest didn't make it. We are pretty awesome.

Eco-friendly smores

   In class we made a solar powered smore oven my group used a mirror, 2 boxes and 2 magnifying glasses. It did not work at all. Other groups did it a it faster fortunately and most used a mirror too.

Heat is done son!

 Hi we just finished the heat unit in class I am not sure if I got over a 4 or 90% on this one. What unit are you guys (and girls) doing comment below! |
                                                                            V  do you see the arrow?
  Anyway we've been doing a bunch of labs and lessons by our selves and once everyone got through them all we started this heat menu project it is a bunch of activities that are sorted into categories that you would find on a menu at a restaurant, drinks, appetisers, main course and deserts. we had to do an experiment for appetisers, a summary for drinks, more experiments for main course and a summary of what we learned for desert.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My poem

  Here's a poem I made using the oaths for all the lantern corps from green lantern...

                                                     The darkness grows all light dies.
                                                    We crave your heart and your demise;
                                                     with blood and rage of crimson red,
                                                     ripped from a corpse so freahly dead.
                                                         What's mine is mine and mine;
                                                                        Not yours!
                                                      Let those who try to stop what's right
                                                      Burn like my power-Sinestro's might!

                                                        Let those who worship evil's might
                                                     beware my power-green lantern's might!
                                                        With strong hearts our souls ignite
                                                      look to the stars-for hope burns bright.
                                                       From hopeful day to raging night.
                                                 Our proud souls soar through the dim twilight.
                                                        For those alone in blackest night.
                                                      Love conquers all-with violet light.
                                                               A new dawn comes.
                                                               Let there be light.

Friday, 8 April 2016

my fav super hero

  Sorry guys(( and girls) ya gender equality) but in my list of favs I didn't put fav super hero but here he is the avatar of Khonsu and from marvel...

Moon Knight! If you don't know him Google him

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Sorry for trelling!!!

  ( Trelling is trolling but even more). Sorry that I haven't posted in a while I've been REALLY busy, with science.

We have started structures and its been really awesome we've done centre of gravity, force including external and just building structures making a parachute,egg protection structure, wind resistant buildings and a castle that held 125 small dictionaries! Its really amazing; comment about what you're doing in science.

side show

 this is a side show about the environment and what we do to it.